Meetup Sponsorships

The SMKmeetup has need for both in-kind and and cash donations. Your donations will go to making this meetup and future meetups more fun and affordable! Every sponsor will have logo placement on our event page.

Item Sponsorships

As always we're accepting donations for our big giveaway! To make your prize stand out, we recommend bigger ticket item(s) and/or groupings of items.

In addtion to the giveaway, we're also accepting donations for door prizes and for contest prizes. Door prizes should be small and, ideally, in larger quantities. Contest prizes will be awarded to winners of our contests, such as our strongfinger contest. Other contests are TBD.

Please contact us to arrange an in-kind sponsorship.

Sponsor Now

Cash Sponsorships

In addition to physical sponsorships, you can also support us with a cash donation. Benefits depending on the sponsorship level:

  • Individual Poster Placement - A poster will be created featuring only your logo using the same design as the group poster. Limit 10.
  • Reserved Table - A table will be reserved for you in a prominent location. You should plan to fill the table. Be aware that on-site sales are not allowed. Limit 4.

Cash donations can be made here.

Why sponsor?

cKeys is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to connect and educate people interested in keyboards and technology as well as teach soldering and electronics skills to youth and adults. Your sponsorship will help us do the following things and more:

  • Provide free workshops to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them.
  • Make all workshops cheaper by allowing us to buy supplies in bulk.
  • Book awesome event spaces to host future meetups.

In addtion, sponsoring a meetup will get your name and brand in front of hundreds of keyboard enthusiasts of all levels.